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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Natural Foods


Organic living may seem like an elite trend but it's really a return to old fashion ways!!!!

Many remote settlements and indigenous communities in the Caribbean that have not yet been fully modernized have always reared their own livestock, grew their own crops without chemical or pesticide, and make coconut oil the old-fashioned way. 

Organic products contain no pesticides, synthetic ingredients, or chemical fertilizers. People usually consider them safer for human consumption and less likely to cause any adverse health situations. They are also better for the environment since this will mean fewer chemicals in the ecosystems.
The market for organic products is growing rapidly especially in the food industry with everyone from manufacturers to supermarkets and restaurants all wanting a piece of the organic pie.

Interest in organics, raw foods, whole grains, natural sugars and the like has grown gradually and now begun to soar, especially with specific groups such health and fitness practitioners. People with food and chemical allergies have also started trying to source healthier options. 

Tourism has also played a role. In the Caribbean, visitors to more exclusive and upper-end hotels and resorts have started demanding that their meals contain whole grains, organic ingredients, and free-range meat and dairy. This has encouraged many hotels to support local organic farming. 

However the organic industry is still considered an elite phenomenon. Growing food without chemicals is more expensive, but for many consumers the higher quality and safety of organic food is well worth the additional cost.

In Trinidad, some specialty food stores carry a limited range of organic products. 

Some of the Organic Food Producers and markets in Trinidad and Tobago are:

San Antonio Green Market

  • Located at Saddle Road, Santa Cruz

New Earth Organics

  • Located at Roberts Street, Woodbrook

Bethany Estate

  • Located in Talparo

Cocobel Chocolate

  • Located in Woodbrook, Port of Spain

Be Free Foods

  • Located at #6 Mucurapo Road, Port of Spain




  1. I will like to give organic lifestyle a try but it's too expensive.

  2. I always thought about it but i have the same sentiments....very costly!