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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Can MEN rock Sisterlocks?



Brotherlocks is the male version of the Sisterlock technique developed and trademarked by Dr Joanne Cornwell. 

The sisterlock technique was developed for women and uses natural hair texture to encourage the hair to create thin, flexible locks similar in size and texture to micro-braids.

Brother locks use the same techniques but larger sections of hair to create a more masculine and substantial lock. But even though brotherlocks are larger than sisterlocks, they are still significantly smaller than traditional dreadlocks. 

Because of the precision and minute size of the sectioning used to create brotherlocks, it is easier to wash and moisture your scalp, preventing dandruff and infection. 

Unlike dreadlocks that have limited styling options because they are larger and heavier, brotherlocks have greater flexibility. 

Brotherlocks can be worn by professionals as the thin nontraditional appearance may give a less radical first impression.

Difference in Technique

Brotherlocks uses 400 to 500 individually locked strands of hair using a patented locking tool. Initial installation must be done by a sisterlock/brotherlock consultant and can take 10 to 20 hours depending on the length of hair and the total number of individual locks required.

Dreadlocks can use as few as 10 extremely large dreads but can easily use 100 or more depending on the patience of the wearer. Initial locks are often palm-rolled to create locks and mats. Additional techniques such as crocheting and waxing help to build and maintain the shape of dreadlocks. Creating dreadlocks require little or no experience. 

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What Do You Think? Can Men Rock Brotherlocks????


  1. Yes men can rock brotherkocks since it gives the locks a newter appearance

  2. Why not? Once styled appropriately, it's very manly!

  3. My boyfriend has Brotherlocks....that's what attracted me to's very neat.

  4. This post making me want start over and do this instead.

  5. Yes, men rock sisterlocs want installed apporiately

  6. Yes, men rock sisterlocs want installed apporiately

  7. Oh yes! Have seen some guys with this. Looks really good.