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Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Washing Process


1. Bundle Sections. For extra protection braid each section, then tuck end and secure with rubber bands. 

2. Wet hair thoroughly: Moderate water pressure.

3. Apply Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo directly to scalp around and through each bundle.

4. Gentle washing motion is in one direction only (scalp to tip).

5. Rinse, (re-suds if necessary), towel dry, undo the bundles. 

6. Separate locks.

This process continues until otherwise advised by your Sisterlock consultant. 

Your daily hair care habits may change

Learn to be gentle when shampooing until your locks are fully set. Use the Starter Shampoo until your consultant tells you to stop. Then use the Sisterlocks Botanical Shampoos (Green Tea or Salon).

When shampooing, use a gentle zigzag motion, moving only in the direction of the hair growth (root to tip)

Monitor the ends of your locks. At first, your Consultant may advise you to both braid your hair in sections AND bind the ends before washing until your locks are set.

Expect to see more scalp at first with your Sisterlocks. Your locks will begin to fill in after the first few shampooings. 

Your Sisterlocks respond best to styling when they are free from heavy oil-based products. Your clean, natural hair, lightly moisturized will give you bouncy, long lasting styles. 

Once your Consultant tells you your hair has passed through the "Settling-in Phase" 
you can move up to the regular Sisterlocks products:

Green Tea Shampoo (tightly-textured hair)

Salon Formula (loosely-textured hair)

Moisture Treatment  (cream for hair and scalp)

Herbal Spray Moisturizer (mid-week touch up)

Reconstructor (strengthens fragile & color-treated)

Dandruff (helps with dry scalp)


  1. Hmmmm you have to be careful with washing your hair because it could break.

  2. I had to help with this process....very time consuming!!!