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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Sisterlocks - My Decision

My transition to Natural Hair led me to Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks is not about a hairdo. It's about a way of life! 

Before my decision to transition to Sisterlocks, I had to attend a session with the Sisterlock consultant. This was to ensure that I knew all that there is to know about Sisterlocks before I decided to take that very big step. The consultation included a video presentation which showed:

  • How it all began - The birth of Sisterlocks
  • Hair Care -  The Do's and Don't's of Sisterlocks
  • The Transitioning Process
  • How Sisterlocks will change your thinking
  • Different hair types and textures and how they respond to Sisterlocks
  • Managing and Enjoying your Sisterlocks 

At this session the consultant took a strand of my hair to test its density among other things, to determine my hair type and how it may react to the Sisterlocks if installed.

She also installed 'test locks' in my hair to see if they will hold and tried different sizes to ensure that the Sisterlock is done in the most suitable way. 

Even though the Sisterlock technique works best when performed on the natural texture of the hair you don't have to cut your relaxed or processed hair to install it. At least 1.5 inches of new growth is needed to start the process and your relaxed ends can be maintained by smoothing them or braiding them to attain a textured look.

I have decided to transition to natural hair over a year before I was introduced to Sisterlocks so most of my hair was already natural with the exception of the bear ends.

I was given some time time to think about my decision but I didn't really need that time, my mind was already made up, I was ready to be a member of the Sisterlocks family.



  1. Waw, I honestly didn't know people had to go through this process before locking their hair. This is truly insightful

  2. Is "Sisterlocks" synthetic hair?
    I didn't go through this to lock my natural hair.

  3. No it's your natural hair. it's a different locking method.

  4. Having locs myself I definitely agree that its a way of life.

  5. My hair is very curly and kind of straight in certain parts but i really don't like to comb my hair...can I have locks?

    1. Sure you can, it may take a little longer to lock but it can be done.